What Are The Unique Features Of Canadian Culture?

Many people in the world and even in the Canada think that Canadians are imitators. They imitate everything from United States. They imitate us sitcoms, us wrestling and food outlets. It is believed to be the nation in search of identity. The government is trying hard to reduce the American cultural impact on the country […]

The Canadian clock is ticking (for me)…

My boyfriend spent a year in Australia last year, and I visited and toured around. We’ve also seen various European cities and beaches together over the past couple of years, as well as trips to South Africa. Needless to say, we love being ‘abroad’; our bank balances however, don’t. As time passes we’re starting to […]

The Best Canadian Road Trips: Exploring one of the World’s Most Beautiful Countries

While the global travel industry has boomed in recent years, recent statistics have suggested that visits to Canada have dropped by 20% since the turn of the century. So despite the nation’s rich cultural heritage, diversity of terrain and breath-taking natural beauty, it appears as though the government have failed to recognise the potential of […]

Popular Museums of Canada

Located on the northern part of the Northern American continent, Canada is a beautiful country that extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Actic Ocean, making its motto true from sea to sea. It is world’s second largest country by total area of 9,984,670 square kilometers. Canada is a well developed […]

Beautiful Banff: Slopes, Seclusion and Snow

You rarely find a country that has as much variety and natural beauty as Canada, from the hottest fresh water springs to the rare temperate rain forests, we have no shortage of beautiful places for you to visit. Banff, in Alberta, western Canada is an all year round destination known for its skiing, camping, hiking […]

Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag