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Making purchases online is a great experience that everyone should be able to do; now in 2013 there is nothing to be worried about it, because online giants like Amazon and eBay are uprising the standards in terms of security, easiness to shop online, customer service, and the overall perception of pulling the credit card […]

As with its neighbor to the south, Canada has experienced some significant contraction in its manufacturing sector. According to Statistics Canada, the manufacturing sector shed some 322,000 jobs even before the current economic downturn in 2008. Since then, there have been even more losses, and the events of 2012 certainly don’t seem to bode well […]

With Boxing Day sales extending to a whole Boxing Week, and some stores even offering mid-year “Halfway to Boxing Day” sales in late June, it is clear that big retailers want you to spend lots of money this year. If you plan to participate in the festivities this year, here’s some simple advice on how […]

When buying security equipment, products, or supplies, you don’t want to compromise on performance simply to buy from a specific country.  A good example would be kitchen accessories.  You may be adamant about purchasing something made in the Singapore, for example, and if it breaks, it’s not a life and death situation.  You don’t have […]

Canadian Maple Get Punisher Skateboards Soul Total 31-Inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple Canadian maple get – click on the image under for more data. 31 inch Canadian Maple with Concave Deck ABEC-five Bearings five inch Seagull Trucks Painted Metallic Red 54x36mm PU Cast Wheels PE Riser Pad with PU Cushion Canadian maple buy 31″ x […]

Obtain Canadian Canadian banks seek assets to offset mortgage slump obtain canadian Final week Royal Bank of Canada (RY-T), the nation’s largest bank, mentioned it would purchase the Canadian auto finance arm of Ally Monetary (GKM-N), almost doubling its exposure to auto lending. That followed Bank of Nova Scotia’s (BNS-T) $3.1 billion … GPS Purchasing […]

Made In Canada No consensus created as aboriginal ladies summit concludes made in canada Provincial and territorial cabinet ministers say they are prepared to take action to decrease the number of aboriginal ladies who fall victim to violence every single year. But it appears action is nevertheless a meeting or two away from reality. &quotObviously, […]

Produced In Canada created in Canada question by snowy28: What in history has produced Canada such a great country to live in today? I know Canada is ranked fairly high for one particular of the best nations in which to reside nowadays, but what important events in background led Canada to be one particular of […]

Produced In Canada produced in Canada question by Miranda ♥: does a 1996 eagle talon manufactured in canada have daytime running lights? AND? i want to get my auto federally and provincially inspected and i want to know does a 1996 eagle talon manufactured in Canada have daytime operating lights? and if the riv vehicle […]

Made in Canada S1E1 Part 1

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Canadian Created Produced in Canada S1E1 Portion 1 Canadian created Video Rating: 4 / 5 Canadian produced question by dwaldron43: What is the name of the Canadian made hair treatment that smells like raw egg, but is outstanding? It has a greenish label or bottle. Begins with an “S” I believe? It is like a […]