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by admin on February 11, 2013

Buy OnlineMaking purchases online is a great experience that everyone should be able to do; now in 2013 there is nothing to be worried about it, because online giants like Amazon and eBay are uprising the standards in terms of security, easiness to shop online, customer service, and the overall perception of pulling the credit card to buy things on the internet. The good news are that just like them; other smaller companies are following these steps and aligning with the new model of online shopping, delivering the most to the visitors and really attracting more people to buy online. What I want to present you in this article are not only some of the advantages of buying things online, but also where you can go right now to get great deals.

As I was saying earlier, today we have nothing to be worried about when shopping online, practically the whole world of merchandise is available for us through our computers or mobile devices; of course that some things can go wrong with the products that we buy, but this also happens in the offline world; for instance, you may order a new set of headphones that look really amazing, and when they arrive to your home the truth is that they aren’t as cool as they looked the first time, and fortunately there are some tips that you can use and thus make the right decision when buying something on the net, in fact this is easier online than offline, and that is one of the reasons why shopping online is so popular now.

According with Forrester Research the online retail sales will grow to $ 250 billion USD by 2014, and that means that a lot of people are buying online, this is not by chance, as I told you before the big players in the online industry are making sure that we as customers get the best experience when purchasing from them.  Something that you can do in order to get the best product is to read reviews from real customers online, these are easy to find by visiting forums, asking through social media, and reading the comments located on sites like Amazon that people leave about a certain product when they buy it. This is a great way to compare products, get the best price, and know more about the item’s performance from users who already bought it; you can find many reviews related not only with the product but with the customer service as well, which is another part of the puzzle that must be explored.

Don’t worry about fraud – Shopping online can be very secure

The main concern that people have when buying online is about the security of their money, they want to make sure that no fraud will ever occur. This is exactly what PayPal does, PayPal is just the same as an online wallet, and they make secure any purchase by encrypting the customer’s sensitive information to sellers and merchants, so signing up for a PayPal account is a great idea, and don’t worry about how the money will go into this online wallet, because there are many easy ways to transfer funds into this digital account.

One of the things that you want to look for when purchasing online is the https protocol, this is easy to do just by looking at the navigation bar of the browser, the website’s URL should start with https instead of http, also, a paypalsmall padlock should appear at the left or right side of the URL depending on which browser you are using, this will indicate that the page is secure. The https may not be present when you look for the product and see specifications, but when you hit checkout definitely look for the https.  Other certifications that are great to see are the Better Business Bureau, Visa, PayPal, and VeriSign.

Meet 5 of the best places where you can make secured purchases online and get great deals

Here I want to present you five places where you can have access to hot deals every day and leave the worries aside, make sure you read everything that is presented on each page and also look for deals such as discounts, free shipping, bundles, coupons and more.

  1. This is well known for being a place where auctions happen; you can bid on products and get them for very little money; eBay also has a buy now option, which you can use to purchase the goods in case you don’t want to bid.
  2. Always make sure to subscribe to the alerts that has to offer you, this place doesn’t sell products but it tells when a hot deal is happening at your city, once that you sign up for the alerts, an email will be sent to your inbox with a notification each time a hot deal is present near you, so don’t leave the house without checking this one.
  3. A great place to buy whatever you want, Amazon offers real discounts and they always have hot deals for people; they have a great customer service and a very strict policy towards delivering the best Amazon Logoquality in the products they sell. Especially with Amazon take advantages of the bundles, deals, coupons, and discounts, they have a lot.
  4. If you are looking for crafts and hand made products this is the place, with products of over a hundred countries the selection is wide and special. The prices are perfect and they offer a lot of items for you to try. Just imagine how cool would be to get a necklace made in India or something like that, definitely use this one.
  5. The ultimate outlet online, offers a wide variety of items for you. They have a lot of discounts and deals that no one wants to miss; they sell anything that you need for the house, furniture, bedding and bath, electronics, and more. Go and check them out today and get a bunch of items for wonderful prices.

These are five of the top places that I use to purchase online, check them out, and find those hot deals that I’m sure you will love, sometimes with just scrolling down a little bit you can find more items with more discounts, so make sure you read every page and always look for discounts or free shipping. Visit these places and enjoy your time online.

Do you feel better about online purchases now? What has been your experience so far with online shopping? Count how many things in your house were bought online and let us know.

Happy Online Shopping!

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Jose Lozano Jose Lozano is an online guy, he loves to check for coupons and discounts over the internet before spending any money offline at all. The items that he buys online more frequently are his RC flying toys, he loves this hobby and as a result Jose started a website where he shares great information and advice to buy an AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot, as well as interesting product reviews of airplanes like the B-17 RC aircraft. The wide variety of airships that he has access to online is great, and he always makes sure to follow his own advice about shopping security.

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