Made in Canada S1E1 Part 1

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Canadian Created

Produced in Canada S1E1 Portion 1

Canadian created Video Rating: 4 / 5

Canadian produced question by dwaldron43: What is the name of the Canadian made hair treatment that smells like raw egg, but is outstanding?
It has a greenish label or bottle. Begins with an “S” I believe? It is like a miracle shampoo. Produced in Canada. Smells weird.

Canadian produced best answer:

Answer by Isabella. ©
lol that produced me laugh…. Sorry i have not a clue.

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Canadian co. launches mobile device produced of sapphire crystals
Canadian made
A Canadian business has just announced a new mobile device–Grand Touch Executive–produced from a stone hybrid material and sapphire crystals. Created by luxury mobile style company. Mobiado, based in Canada, the Grand Touch Executive was …

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