RBC to buy Canadian auto finance unit of Ally Financial

by admin on October 23, 2012

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RBC to purchase Canadian auto finance unit of Ally Economic
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TORONTO — Royal Bank of Canada has agreed to acquire the Canadian auto finance and deposit enterprise of Ally Financial. Canada&#39s largest bank by industry capitalization stated Tuesday the purchase will strengthen its position as leader in the Canadian auto …

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buy canadian question by Dave: Does anyone know exactly where I can buy Canadian Military Automobile Surplus?
Does anyone know where I can acquire( preferably) Canadian Military Vehicle Surplus, such as tanks from WWI and on? I have searched on google and identified absolutely nothing but collectors displaying off their own collections. A direct link to a web site would be excellent. Thanks.
That would be why i cant locate any in Canada. Do you know anyplace I could buy it from in the US or the UK?

acquire canadian best answer:

Answer by Krautmeister
Sorry, the Canadian army nevertheless uses them. There is no such factor as Canadian military surplus.
They do have a defective nuclear sub sitting about someplace that they purchased from the UK. It has slight fire and smoke damage, you may possibly be in a position to choose that up cheap.

Yes, go to govliquidation.com

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