Security Equipment Manufacturers in Canada

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Retail Security Mirror

When buying security equipment, products, or supplies, you don’t want to compromise on performance simply to buy from a specific country.  A good example would be kitchen accessories.  You may be adamant about purchasing something made in the Singapore, for example, and if it breaks, it’s not a life and death situation.  You don’t have that luxury when dealing with security products.  A faulty product, or shoddy workmanship can make a difference between the product functioning as it should, or more importantly, saving money and lives.

If you own a warehouse, commercial building, show room, or any type of retail store, you are already familiar with what a security mirror is.   Security mirrors are essentially any type of mirror that provides some sort of security, and the most common type is a convex mirror.  Convex refers to the shape of the mirror lens itself, where the center of the lens is the highest point and the lens slopes down from that point to the edges.  This actually provides a wider viewing angle than a flat mirror and are great to use in areas like a warehouse or store because a flat mirror may not give you the viewing area you need to cover a large area.

There are two main purposes for security mirrors:

  1. These mirrors will help you see all activity in your facility.  Whether it’s oncoming traffic down a hallway or down a store aisle these mirrors allow  you to view things typically hidden.  Think of the common traffic mirror. Usually mounted at an intersection, these mirrors will help you see oncoming traffic.  The convex shape also provides a view of approaching angles not covered by flat mirrors.
  2. Whether you have an outdoor security mirror or plan to mount the mirror indoors, they provide an excellent crime deterrent.  The common saying, “if you can see them, they can see you,” hold true with convex mirrors as well.  In a store, when shoplifters see a convex mirror mounted above them, over looking an aisle, they know the store clerk can see them.  This saves you a money and headache in the long run by being a true crime deterrent.  It is better to stop the crime before it happens versus recovering from the crime after it happens.

That’s why, when purchasing security products for your retail store, you need to make sure you purchase American Made or Canadian Made security products.  On first thought, you are inundated with all types of products from Asia.  With a little effort, finding products manufactured a little closer to home is a little easier than you may thing.  Quality, durability, and workshop is seen with major North American manufacturers such as Fred Silver (USA), and Vision Metalizers (Canada), these products will last you a very long time.  Find them online today buy visiting the number one online retailer of security mirrors,  If it is on their website, they have it in stock and offer fast delivery.  Plus you are dealing with a local company versus an overseas merchant.



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