What in history has made Canada such a great country to live in today?

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created in Canada question by snowy28: What in history has produced Canada such a great country to live in today?
I know Canada is ranked fairly high for one particular of the best nations in which to reside nowadays, but what important events in background led Canada to be one particular of the greatest countries to live in now?

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Answer by Comicbook Reader
The ability to compromise – we can speak any topic to death just before coming to a consensus. This is in danger of dieing out now with our present government’s impatience with the excellent Canadian pastime.

Employed to be a great joke a couple of years ago about place a couple of Canadians in a space with each other and before you know it they’ll have struck a Commission to go over the weather.

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Made in Canada, Our Rock ‘n’ Roll History – Volume Two: Into the 70s

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Made in Canada, Our Rock 'n' Roll Background - Volume Two: Into the 70s

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1 The Original Caste – One Tin Soldier three:36
2 Edward Bear – You, Me & Mexico two:52
3 R. Dean Taylor – Indiana Wants Me 3:47
4 Tranquillity Base – If You are Lookin’ 2:40
5Joey Gregorash – Jodie two:52
6 Lighthouse – One Fine Morning five:17
7 Crowbar [70s] – Oh What a Feeling 4:42
8 The Bells – Stay Awhile 3:23
9 The Stampeders – Sweet City Lady 3:23
10April Wine – You Could Have Been a Lady three:21
11 A Foot in Coldwater – (Make Me Do) Something You Want 5:09
12 Dr. Music – Sun Goes By three 1:53


Produced in Canada, Our Rock ‘n’ Roll History – Volume Two: Into the 70s

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Canada cursed by the November morning darkness of Daylight Saving Time
made in Canada
But that hasn’t created it any much more pleasant for these who remember when the switch would be produced before Halloween. You don’t require to have the longest memory to recall it, either. The complete country, Saskatchewan notwithstanding, pushed Daylight Saving …

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