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by admin on December 12, 2012

One of the top immigration destinations in the world with 200,000 plus arrivals coming under its immigration system every year is Canada. This place is present on the northern most part of North America and is

Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag

considered as one of the serene places in the world. It has picturesque beauty and has lakes with clean water, unpolluted air and friendly people makes it the best destination for all the immigrants. As is formed due to the immigrant people, the government supports immigration making it friendly and easily approachable country. The country denoted by the maple leaf is a peaceful place with great opportunities for all.

It is second largest in terms of landmass and this country is recognized as the best place to live by the United Nations. You can enjoy the luxury of traveling which the Canadian passport gives. It allows you to enter many countries including USA and European countries without constraint of entrance visas.

This place is the best to fulfill all your dreams and after the recent recession which has shaken the world’s economy, Canada has emerged as economically stable country with secure banking systems. The health care and the education system are state-regulated and are of good standards. It is an amazing place to live and Canadian immigration law is designed to attract highly qualified professionals, investors and businessmen to the country.

Here is a guide to help you with immigration process:

In Federal immigration categories the applicants has intended destination of any area apart from Quebec. The categories are as follows:

Skilled Worker: This is a point based programme in which each applicant is entitled to earn a score on based on their qualifications in a number of factors. The current passing score is 67 points.


Experience Class: The individual will be qualified as a Federal Skilled Worker immigrant by the Canadian Work Experience Class/The Canadian graduate in secondary institution.

Alberta Immigration PNP: The applicants with a minimum of 1 year work experience with USA in few occupations receive fast immigration to Canada by the US Experience Class of the Alberta Provincial Nominee Programme- PNP.

Business Class: These programmes are catered to immigrants who plan to start their own business or self-employed activity. It consists of three programmes investor immigration, self-employed immigration and entrepreneur programme.

Family Class: the citizens and permanent residents of Canada are eligible to sponsor for their close family members who might be abroad or inland.

Group of Five: This allows 5 or more Canadians to sponsor financially for an Agreed Refugee from abroad.

The above mentioned are various immigration programmes designed by the state government. You can now easily immigrate to Canada without much problem as the government are happy to receive skilled and experienced professionals. Whatever you reason might be, you can step into this country of warmth which provides stability which is much needed in the present economic conditions.

This country is bilingual with Canadian English which is spoken by most and Canadian French making it easily accessible for many. It is an amazing place to make your new beginning and a perfect one to let your roots. You can enjoy multiculturalism which is seen in this country even though it is dominated by English and French. Get the hang of ice hockey a sport which is famous in this country and has also won many medals in the Olympics.

These are a few details which might help you to know all about this wonderful country.

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