How to apply for a job without any advertisements?

by admin on November 2, 2012

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Canada newspaper question by Adriiel: How to apply for a job without any ads?
I’m 16 and hunting to apply for a job at Mcdonalds or Subway. If you guys can recommend any other restaurants in Canada that hire 16 year olds that would be appreciated as effectively.

But I’m hunting to make a cover letter with no saying “I saw this position open in the newspaper” sort of a thing. How would I go about starting off my cover letter since every single sample I’ve seen so far has that type of an introduction. And I have no function experience so is there a way I can use that?

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Answer by NFangora
For quick food places, you do not need a cover letter. Just walk in, ask for an application.

When you come back with the completed application, ask if the Manager is in.

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