Adverse Weather Likely to Affect Many Battleground States on Election Day

by admin on October 31, 2012

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

“ is geared up to bring the most recent weather news on Hurricane Sandy as it rides up the East Coast more than the weekend and into subsequent week. Much more importantly, our employees of 8000 and our reporting group will observe and report on the aftermath of the storm and how it may well impact voter turnout after possible substantial harm over parts of New England” stated John Travers, the creator of Climate-Elect Consulting. I produced this company to help campaigns this year in distinct debunk by deflating the impact climate has on voter turnout. There is a way to get everyone you wish to vote Out To Vote” Travers continued. Regardless of my own affiliations, I will perform for the campaigns that employ me and my team to make positive their Get Out The Vote Technique is effectively executed in the right places. And” Travers concluded, “we have 8000 additional personnel prepared to fill in where needed.”

Matt Walton, the Director of Weather-Elects’ GOTV for ALL stated, that for the media and general public they will offer “the newest Election Day forecast for all 50 states and close-ups in latest battleground states, information about weather and how it has swayed elections traditionally. He pointed out, emphatically, ” most importantly, we will have all of the resources necessary to defy mother nature and GET OUT THE VOTE!”

A New York City voter, Richard Haggar, said, as we caught up with him at a neighborhood coffee shop viewing the website, “This site is wonderful! I am a climate and political junkie and enjoy to track every bit of information. I get the newest election day forecasts, and intriguing perspectives on the weathers’ influence.”

“What do you in fact provide campaigns, I asked Mr Travers on his way out to meet with a client,” “Climate-Elect can help a campaign in several methods by everyday private video and audio meetings, details on recommended techniques in each and every precinct as to how to get each and every campaigns volunteers, workers and telephone banks to shift to these precincts which are essential and might have the worst weather, plus utilizing our added employees to jump in where required at the final minute and direct umbrella hand-outs, van routes and a whole variety of other ideas we appear forward to offering to a single of the presidential campaigns” – “hopefully starting right now” he added.

“Our service will be invaluable in the Presidential race” mentioned Mr. Amoako, VP of Advertising and marketing at Weather Briefings, Inc..”with the race this tight, and the nation undergoing a major meteorological shift, the campaign that hires our service will have a competitive benefit without a doubt!”

When asked if Hurricane Sandy signifies significantly to the election, Josh Kelly, Lengthy-Range forecaster from Weather Briefings, Inc.mentioned “we are really concerned about Sandy going left of center and effecting the East Coast. The models are driving this storm that way. Even though pre-voter turnout may well be effected by Sandy, the long-range effects of the storm such as power-outages and washed out roads may trigger troubles on Election Day. Viewing his monitor at about 5 am this morning eastern time, Josh, the inventor of his own model Climo- Dome, used exclusively by Climate Briefings, concluded ” The newest appear at the new models suggests that we could escape the worst of it…but it is also soon to inform. Timing and phasing of Sandy and the key push of cold air dropping south and east out of Canada imply everything. We ought to have a clear image later this afternoon on and

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