Canada is Attacking the US?

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Canada National Weather Service

canada national weather service question by Doctor Pain: Canada is Attacking the US?
America was attacked by a Canadian cold front and it has dumped snow across the states and record cold temps.
Canadian officials would not comment, but the national weather service assured the public, that another attack was unlikely. White Property officials could not be reached.

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Answer by zabadass
its reaching phoenix also! it was 87 degrees and cloudy its coming.

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canada national weather service

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Hurricane Nadine Eyes Azores – Trop Storm Kristy – US Canada National Weather

Nadine is now a Hurricane with 75mph Category I winds which will impact the Azores. While Tropical Storm Kristy is anticipated to weaken in cooler waters in the Eastern Pacific and bring moisture to the desert Southwest of the United States including California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Also a National Weather coverage such as The United States and Canada. verify my latest update on Nadine
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