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The Canadian Wildlife Federation is dedicated to the preservation of the natural world, and their goals have covered an amazing variety of outreach programs, from extreme expeditions across oceans to gardening tips for your backyard. Through print, web and grassroots community events, the CWF keeps their mission on the minds of Canadians and the rest […]

A Truly Special Land  Canada is the world’s second largest country, is governed by a parliamentary democracy and has Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state. There are over 33 million Canadians currently residing in the vast country. But what makes this country so special? Here we will look at five reasons why being […]

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) June 16, 2011 Architect and environmental advocate, John Robert Carley, was recently elected to the College of Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. This top honour formally recognizes architects who have produced outstanding contributions to the profession of architecture. &#13 More than the thirty-two years of his practice as the […]

Canadian Who’s Who Hinterland Who’s Who – Canadian Wood Spider (drug testing) This parody was made thirty years ago. Canadians will recognise the Hinterland commercial style, music and voice from the 1970’s wildlife awareness campaign. Canadian who’s who Video Rating: five / five Canadian who’s who question by John: Is James Edwards, the host of […]

Boxing Day boxing day question by Orode: Why is the 26th of December named “boxing day”? I’ve heard individuals say its the day you open christmas presents, but no-one waits till the 26th to open their presents. So why is it really named Boxing day? boxing day best answer: Answer by sensible and otherwise..It is […]

Boxing Day Dip 2008

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Some cool boxing day pictures: Boxing Day Dip 2008 Image by neil-farnworth Boxing Day Dip 2008 Boxing Day Image by akashayi Boxing Day + Downtown Toronto = Madness. boxing day Image by marsha-marshmello pleased boxing day

Who’s Who In Canada Trending: Who&#39s in for Canada&#39s qualifiers? who’s who in Canada Canadian coach Stephen Hart on Thursday will announce his 21-man roster for this month&#39s Planet Cup qualifying games. Canada hosts Cuba on Oct. 12 and visits Honduras four days later. This is a vital series of games for Canada, who most […]

Quebec Holidays Quebec Holiday Greetings Primitive Country Christmas Card Card Quebec holidays – click on the image below for more information. Quebec holidays 5 x 7 inch premium quality folded paper greeting card. Find Places & Cities cards for everyone on your list at Greeting Card Universe. Places & Cities cards are always more memorable […]

Canadian Society Canadian society question by lorriehensel: Are we free from Canadian Govertement proxy or ar we “born free and enslaved by society?”? Legally where do we stay as a citizen? Canadian society best answer: Answer by KenzoGO TO: Are Canadians Ready For Torture By Proxy? – Global News on the …Canadian law does not […]

Canada Religion Canada religion question by Irish 313: On the US/Canada/UK census form do they have a box for “Atheist” or “Agnostic” or is it just “No Religion”? Here in Ireland we got our form which needs to be completed soon and it doesn’t give such an option? It gives a short list of religions […]