5 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to be Canadian

by admin on November 6, 2012

5 Reasons Why It's Awesome to be Canadian

A Truly Special Land 

Canada is the world’s second largest country, is governed by a parliamentary democracy and has Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state. There are over 33 million Canadians currently residing in the vast country. But what makes this country so special? Here we will look at five reasons why being a Canadian in 2012 is so awesome. 

1. Biggest Houses on the Planet

Canadians have the roomiest houses on Earth. A recent poll found that Canadian homes have, on average, 2.5 rooms per person. This is even more impressive when compared to the 1.6 rooms the rest the developed world average. Added to this is the fact the real estate market has been largely unaffected by the global recession. This means the housing market in Canada is much stronger than in other Western countries. 

2. Peaceful Reputation 

Canada is renowned for its peaceful reputation. Indeed, many travelers stitch the Maple Leaf flag to their backpacks to ensure everyone knows exactly where they are from. Displaying the flag earns respect all over the globe and is largely free from prejudice across the planet. This is a unique attribute to Canada. Indeed, the country has been listed as the 8th most peaceful country in the world, above Switzerland and Australia. In comparison, the USA came 82nd. 

3. Natural Beauty

‘Awesome’ is certainly an apt turn of phrase when it comes to describing Canada’s landscape. The natural beauty of the vast country is undeniable. The diversity of the land is well known across the world. Canada boasts major cities such as Toronto and Quebec together with places of natural beauty like British Columbia. There are also the Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains, not forgetting Niagara Falls.

Canadians are privileged indeed to live in a country which contains such an incredible landscape and are able to experience a vast array of holidays and activities without traveling abroad. There are not too many countries in the world where you can surf, ski, canoe and hike outdoors all year round! 

4. Healthcare 

Canada’s healthcare system may not be perfect but the fact Canadians have a free health service is a major advantage. The Tony Douglas Medicare System was launched nationally in 1966 and has evolved into the modern healthcare system Canada has today. Unlike in America, and many other countries, Canadians do not have to pay for access to healthcare. Canada is also at the forefront of stem cell research, with Toronto in particular housing ground-breaking research clinics. Many of the recent breakthroughs in this area came courtesy of Canada. 

5. Immigration 

Whereas in many other countries immigration can be a source of tension, Canadians openly embrace immigrants. Throughout its history, Canada has welcomed newcomers from all over the globe and this has helped it become the diverse nation it is today. Canada treats its immigrants well and is currently ranked 3rd globally in how it receives its newcomers, providing them with fair and equal opportunities.

Immigrants excel in the country, with 30 per cent of Canadian families with assets worth 1 million Canadian dollars or more originating from outside Canada. Canadians recognize that immigrants can improve their country’s economy and diversity and therefore, celebrate and welcome their presence.

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Amy Harris is a writer for Expert Market– which offers a free service to businesses, providing a sourcing tool for finding office equipment and business services. She is an American but has many Canadian friends!


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