On the US/Canada/UK census form do they have a box for “Atheist” or “Agnostic” or is it just “No Religion”?

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Canada Religion

Canada religion question by Irish 313: On the US/Canada/UK census form do they have a box for “Atheist” or “Agnostic” or is it just “No Religion”?
Here in Ireland we got our form which needs to be completed soon and it doesn’t give such an option? It gives a short list of religions and then “No Religion”. But I’m atheist. If I tick the “No Religion” box that doesn’t really represent me as you can have no religion but still believe in god. Or maybe they are simply thinking that if someone has no religion they are in fact atheist or agnostic (that’s a wrong presumption to make however) Thanks.

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Answer by fragem
We usually just choose not to affiliate ourselves with evil religion.

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Canada’s Religions: An Historical Introduction (Religion and Beliefs Series)

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Canada's religions

Canada religion

With nine out of ten Canadians claiming a religious affiliation of some kind – Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Aboriginal, or one of dozens of other religions – faith has huge impact on our personal and social lives. In this book, Robert Choquette offers a comprehensive history of religion in Canada and examines the ongoing tug-of-war between modernity and conservatism within the religious traditions themselves.


Canada’s Religions: An Historical Introduction (Religion and Beliefs Series)

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RE: Islamophobia in Canada “Religion of Abraham by Mohammad Shaikh 02/05 (2009)”

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