Things You May Not Know About The Canadian Wildlife Federation

by admin on October 22, 2013

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is dedicated to the preservation of the natural world, and their goals have covered an amazing variety of outreach programs, from extreme expeditions across oceans to gardening tips for your backyard. Through print, web and grassroots community events, the CWF keeps their mission on the minds of Canadians and the rest of the world, showing them the beauty, fragility and wonder that the outdoors have to offer and what is needed to protect it.

This ground squirrel has a happy outdoor home, but what about the ones in your own backyard? How could you resist this face?

This ground squirrel has a happy outdoor home, but what about the ones in your own backyard? How could you resist this face?








Diversifying habitat

As civilization and its many side effects disrupt the traditional habitat of animals, the Canadian Wildlife Federation offers plans on how to build new habitats to encourage population growth and save many species, from the northern leopard frog to the burrowing owl. The Federation offers guidance on creating spaces that include nesting boxes, artificial burrows, and even ponds to attract and help small amphibians like salamanders and frogs.

While saving disappearing species is a top priority, the organization also educates people on the amazing diversity in their own backyards. Any natural green space can be beneficial, from allowing native plants to grow for birds and butterflies to planting new trees or re-designing outdoor spaces to be attractive homes for squirrels, woodpeckers and more.

Providing interactive expeditions

A large part of conservation involves public awareness, and the CWF partners with other foundations and provides public access to expeditions like the Sail for Wildlife Journey, a trip to follow the migration path of the Humpback Whale, one of the world’s endangered species, down the coastline of North America and into the Atlantic Ocean. Other projects include the Great Canadian Turtle Race, which follows tagged leatherback turtles from Nova Scotia along their migratory routes and Continent to Continent Conservation, an ocean-spanning trip from Africa to the Americas in a rowboat.

These projects include an interactive element with online maps, teaching materials for classrooms and video of the journey. Through these expeditions and other educational efforts the CWF not only works to teach people more about other species on the planet, it also builds the desire to protect these species in the next generation.

Controlling pests

It’s wonderful to observe wildlife, but that fascination ends when you hear scratching in the attic or see garbage cans overturned. The CWF provides education in effective, non-lethal ways to deal with such pests as raccoons, rats and squirrels. Some methods are basic, such as repairing and blocking any entrance-ways into your home or trimming trees, and others require a small investment in items like a motion-controlled light or planting daffodils and hyacinths, which repel mice and rats with their distinctive perfume. These easy-to-apply methods keep nature at a safe and non-intrusive distance.

Everyone loves a great hike!

Everyone loves a great hike!











Getting people moving

The best way to preserve the wild is to encourage people to experience the outdoors for themselves. CWF continues to come up with excellent ideas to get couch potatoes off the sofa, such as the Walk for Wildlife campaign, which covered 15,000 kilometers of walks, hikes and biking events across Canada, and do-it-yourself outdoor projects like creating brush piles to protect wildlife.

CWF also offers a geocaching program, the modern day version of a treasure hunt. You can search for one of CWF’s caches, or create your own hunt and share it with online readers. All of the CWF outdoor projects provide a nice side benefit: improving your health by staying active.

For those who don’t have an opportunity to head outdoors for large events or community projects, the CWF also has programs encouraging artists in a variety of mediums, because nothing inspires like the beauty of wildlife and nature.

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