CFL Chopper

by admin on November 5, 2012

Check out these cfl teams images:

CFL Chopper
cfl teams

Image by Dae-Wang
Motorcycle with CFL team logos painted on them

The CFL team
cfl teams

Image by UCNISS
Olympus digital camera

Jordan’s Sporting the BC Lions Jersey
cfl teams

Image by Keenen Brown
Jordan’s a large sports fanatic and one of the teams he roots for is Vancouver’s own CFL group, the BC Lions. He wanted to use this a single for his Twitter account to assistance his beloved group throughout the final stretch of the typical season and on to the playoffs.

Strobist info
• SB-800 left and correct of cam in bounce umbrella pointed at the backdrop, left triggered by FlexTT5 and the right in SU-four mode
• SB-800 above and pointed down in modest octabox also triggered by FlexTT5

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