Vive la Compagnie

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Canadian Football News

Vive la Compagnie

Canadian football news – click on the image below for much more details.

Vive la Compagnie

Canadian football news


Vive la Compagnie

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Canadian football news query by flubertblupes66: What is a great site for news about the Canadian Football League?
Hi, Just an American seeking for some high quality news about the CFL. I usually check TSN and the CFL web site and they supply great coverage, but I am just searching for a internet site which may possibly have a little a lot more in depth coverage
Thanks a lot

Canadian football news greatest answer:

Answer by Sam T
Eh go to Eh have fin watching them cunucks Eh

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3 Downs: CFL on TSN panel bids farewell to Ivor Wynne
Canadianfootball news
Every single week, The CFL on TSN panel will break down 3 hot button subjects from around the Canadian Football League. This week it’s an all Tiger-Cats edition of Three Downs as they discuss excellent moments in franchise history as they prepare to say goodbye …

24 Hours – CFL Expansion fears (August 1992)

A 1992 news report on the concern that if the CFL expanded into the United States, it could eliminate the quotas of Canadian players on each team, reasonably reducing or eliminating Canadian talent in the league. In 1994, their fears came correct.
Canadianfootball news Video Rating: three / five

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