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by admin on November 14, 2013

Winter HockeyWhen you see ‘Canada’ and ‘Sport’ in the same sentence it’s often followed by pictures of hockey and big guys skating around with thick padding chasing a puck. But Canada’s real sporting brilliance lies in its backcountry, its towering mountains and impressive landscape. Skiing and Snowboarding in the Canadian mountains is such an overwhelming experience that people flock from all over the world just to say they’ve tackled the Northern monsters and take the memories home to enjoy.

From the Eastern end of Quebec to the Western reaches of British Columbia there are plenty of resorts that can cater for skiing and snowboarding of all levels and abilities. This is where the professionals come to build on their skills and where beginners come to experience the best slopes that world has to offer and with facilities and standards that can’t be matched it’s no surprise that Canada is at the top of the bucket list for many. But where do you start? With such a huge choice of resorts and mountains to choose from, having a little local knowledge and knowing where is best for you will help you to settle on the perfect destination.

British Columbia is perhaps one of the most popular areas to head to for excellent snowfall and mountains with many faces. Whether you’re looking for a gentle descent or a peak that’ll chew you up and spit you out at the base you’ll certainly find it here. Among BC’s best known names is Big White in Kelowna; 118 runs of pure white powder over long slopes with spectacular views. This is one for families and has plenty to offer. Fernie is also located in BC and is renowned for its choice of ski-in, ski-out accommodation which is perfect for those that want to be right at the heart of the action; this is a great place for enjoying that authentic skiing town feel and it’s just this that brings visitors back year on year. But you couldn’t speak of British Columbia without mentioning Whistler Blackcomb. This is terrain for the snow obsessed and those with a desire to experience Canadian snow at its greatest; boasting the highest vertical and greatest skiable terrain Whistler Blackcomb is a resort that has to be seen.

Alberta may not be the largest area for ski and snowboarding but its home to a national park that needs little introduction. Banff enjoys a number of resorts under its umbrella with Lake Louise, Norquay and Sunshine Village all within a short distance of each other. When you stay at one it’s very easy to travel to another so you get great value when you travel to this part of Alberta. Resorts such as Lake Louise are renowned for incredible scenery and sheer size, and with runs for all levels from each lift, terrain parks, bowls and tree-lined ski runs; there’s the most incredible experience for everyone venturing out on their first trip. The Banff area of Alberta is also known for having one of the lengthiest seasons for snowfall with skiable areas accessible from November up until May.

Quebec sits on the east Coast of Canada and benefits from its diversity of terrain with long runs, cross-country skiing through cities and excellent facilities. In fact, skiing isn’t just something that reserved for those that want to pay for lengthy stays in hotels in the middle of resorts at the base of the mountain, even if you’re in the city for work or pleasure, a jaunt into the snow is much easier than you might think. Quebec is home to some great mountains, hotels and restaurants as well as lots of cities and towns to explore. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy a bit of everything that Canada has to offer.

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