The Flag Of Canada

by admin on November 11, 2013

The national flag of Canada is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Its’ simple yet striking design bespeaks the honor, civility and individualism of the Canadian people yet the flag’s components took centuries to come together as one. Canada’s flag represents where Canadians came from and who they are now.     […]

The Canadian Dollar

by admin on October 10, 2013 · 1 comment

  The history of the Canadian dollar is a long one. Canadian currency can be traced back to the early 1600’s when beaver pelts were the one universally accepted medium of exchange. Later on, wheat and moose skins became legal tender only to be replaced by strings, wampum, and belts made from shell beads. Four […]

Produced In Canada created in Canada question by snowy28: What in history has produced Canada such a great country to live in today? I know Canada is ranked fairly high for one particular of the best nations in which to reside nowadays, but what important events in background led Canada to be one particular of […]

History Canada Government New Canadian Passports: Tories Pushed Style In A Historical Path history canada government … New Canadian Passport, New Canadian Passport Expense, Canada Politics News. The Conservative government&#39s fervour for Canadian background will play out on the pages of your new passport, soon to be unveiled after nine years of delays and price […]

Background Vancouver Canada history vancouver canada query by Kilometres Canada > America: Where does Canada’s Junior Hockey loss to America rank in the worst moments in Canada history? Its negative adequate to see Americans playing our sport but to lose to the them is an additional. There is no God when Americans are permitted to […]

The Background Of Canada Day The Background Behind Grandparents’ Day the history of canada day The very first Sunday following Labor Day used to be just an common, ordinary day. Thanks to Marian McQuade of West Virginia, all that altered in 1978 when the initial national Grandparents’ Day was celebrated. This 1 day a year […]

Black History Canada The Blacks in Canada: A History (Carleton Library) black history canada – click on the image below for more information. black history canada Hailed as the most sweeping history of African-Canadians ever written when it first appeared, “The Blacks in Canada” remains the only historical survey that covers all aspects of the […]