Some cool canadian made images: 202d Brief Stories Apr-1945 (Canada) Web page 06 Allah Produced Them as They Are 01 by E. Hoffmann Value Image by California Cthulhu (Will Hart) For your convenience, Allah Produced Them as They Are, by E. Hoffmann Cost, may possibly also be downloaded as a single pdf file from the […]

Canada Religion Canada religion question by Irish 313: On the US/Canada/UK census form do they have a box for “Atheist” or “Agnostic” or is it just “No Religion”? Here in Ireland we got our form which needs to be completed soon and it doesn’t give such an option? It gives a short list of religions […]

Religion In Canada religion in canada question by Gaura: Where can I get the email of teachers in World Religions in case they want to invite me as a guest speaker? I live in Quebec and travel to the Maratime and Ontario provinces each year. 35 years ago, I was trained as a brahmacari Vaisnava […]