A basic guide to emigrating to Canada

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Emmigrating to Canada



You may be thinking about emigrating from the UK to Canada and after a bit more advice on the process and what you need to do. Emigrating is a big step and it often takes a considerable amount of time to get everything in order before you go. Read on to find out some more information as to what’s involved in emigrating to Canada.

Employment status
There are a number of ways to be granted entry to Canada and many of them revolve around your employment status. There are a number of occupations that are classified as being in extreme demand and make up a special list. If your job is on this list, you are almost guaranteed permanent residency in Canada.

There is also a test that you need to complete and get a certain amount of points on, as well as pass medical and police checks to be given entry. Alternatively, if your company has offices in Canada, there is the option to get an intra-company transfer. If you have a job offer for a company in Canada, you also have a strong standing to be able to qualify for permanent residence.

Application process
The process of actually applying for residency in Canada can take some time. Immigration solicitors in London as well as other big cities can often prove to be very useful to you during this process. Their specialist knowledge can ensure that you fill out every part of the application correctly and also make sure your affairs are all in good order.

If you need to gain a Certificate of Sponsorship to ensure you are eligible to work in Canada, the solicitors will be able to assist you in obtaining this. They can also explain all the other things that you need to consider when emigrating. Things like deportation may not be something you want to think about but it is better to get as much information as possible before you leave. This stage of the process is often quite similar for the majority of countries so it’s worth having a solicitor on hand to answer any queries or to spot any subtle differences in the rules for different countries.

Do your research
If you are planning to emigrate, even if you are sure that Canada is the place for you, it’s important to do your research before you commit. If you have children, you will likely want to check the schooling and find one that you like. Similarly, finding a property to live in is also going to be a high priority. In circumstances when you are emigrating due to an intra-company transfer, you may find that your employer provides you with a property, however it is still worth going ahead to do your own research.

Take an extended holiday to Canada or two separate ones in the summer and the winter so you can get a realistic idea of the country. The weather tends to differ greatly between the seasons so it’s a good idea to know what to expect in both circumstances. Similarly, look into what car you will buy and how long it will take you to travel to school and work every day. The more informed you are in advance, the easier the transition will be when you arrive.

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