A Complete Guide to Budget Travel in Canada

by admin on December 2, 2013

Traveling To Canada

Are you planning a trip to the Northern Hemisphere? Have you considered Canada? While travel to the United States’ neighbour in the north has been considered rather pricey mainly due to the stronger Canadian dollar, there are still some budget options and tips that could be maximised in order to enjoy this country as a tourist destination. Here are some tips that could help you in planning your trip.

Take advantage of cheaper fares

Low-cost airlines are not really that popular in Canada as they are in Europe. If anything, the entire country is actually connected by rail, which means it could get you anywhere but not without spending a lot. Depending on where you’d be coming from, there are several budget airlines that cross the Atlantic from Europe. Landing in the US and crossing the border could also be a viable option if the fares are competitive enough, although doing the same thing but in a less popular Canadian airport could also significantly drive down the cost of your plane ticket. Booking a flight on a weekday rather than a weekend would also usually mean cheaper fares.

Have you tried couch surfing?

Plane tickets aside, the other major expense you need to cover when travelling would be accommodation. If you are willing to forego the fancy hotel for a not too shabby living room of a person you barely know, then this would mean huge savings for you and more money to spend on everything else. Various flat sharing schemes could be found in the internet, with some more reputable than others. In an expensive destination such as Canada, this is a valid alternative. The catch is that you have to host community members when it is time for them to visit your home country. Who does not need new friends nowadays?

What about carpooling?

Just like carpooling, there is this new in thing in the US and Canada nowadays such as RideJoy.com with members advertising ride offers to various parts of their town in different directions. In terms of security issues, members are asked to link their profiles to their Facebook accounts as well as fill out a detailed questionnaire regarding their identities. If you find travel by plane or train in Canada expensive, you might want to opt for a road trip instead.

Train your stomach on street food

Canadian Street Food



The trend is said to have started in Vancouver when trendy street food carts started popping up from nowhere. From the typical sandwich to Japanese food, there are many choices for grabbing a quick bite that would not lead to bankruptcy at the end of the day. You just have to forego the fancy restaurants.

It’s recommended that you purchase travel insurance before you leave. This is something that you should not be so stingy on. You would never know when travel insurance would come in handy and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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