Canada – Places to enjoy its delights

by admin on September 26, 2013

Canada is beautifulCanada is the second largest country in the world and has a vast tourism and domestic industry. Canada has four major metropolitan areas that hugely promote tourism. These metropolitan areas are Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. These places are well known for their diverse culture, historic sites and national parks. Canada is believed to receive more than 35 million visitors annually and this greatly boosts their economy.



 Places To Enjoy In Canada

(a) Vancouver art gallery

  • Founded in 1931 and having been renovated at a cost of more than 20 million dollars, the Vancouver art gallery is considered the fifth biggest art gallery found in Canada. The gallery sits on a 41,400 square feet (about 3,000 m square) of land and has more than 10,000 collections of art. Many a times, this gallery is used for lectures and tourism exhibition.
  • The gallery has a library that contains more than 45,000 books, 5000 paintings, audio and visual recordings, hundreds of journals paintings and much more.

(b) Stanley park

  • This is a public park that sits on 1,001 acre of land. The Stanley park is densely forested with trees as tall as 75 meters (about 245ft). -The number of trees is believed to be more than half a million trees. This park is home to a variety of animal species and more than 200 bird species can be found here. The birds have made a more than 170 active nests. Other animal species include coyotes, rabbits, beavers and skunks.
  • One of the major popular attraction sites in Stanley park is the Vancouver seawall. Fishing, cycling, running and skating are some of the popular sporting games along the Vancouver seawall.

(c) Capilano suspension bridge

  • Built in 1889 by the then park commissioner and civil engineer George Grant, the bridge is 70 meters (230 ft) above the water and is 140 meter long (460ft). The bridge was sold to an investor in 1935 and was completely reconstructed in 1956. More than 800,000 visitors visit this bridge with each paying a small amount of fee which is used to maintain and repair the bridge.
  • The park also has beautiful scenes of treetops and award winning gardens.

(d) Museum of Vancouver

  • This is the largest civic museum in Canada and was founded in 1894. The exhibitions here tell the story of Vancouver from as early as 1900. More than 65,000 collections can be found in the museum of Vancouver. Some of the unique artifacts found here include a mummy bought from Egypt during world war I and journals written by women passing through the British empire.

(e) Gastown

  • Gastown has a variety of entertainment spots which include night clubs, restaurants, law firms, computer and internet business, architect and professional offices. The steam powered clock is probably the most recognized land mark in Gastown.
  • Gastown is a good place for people who love to walk because of its endless saloons, bar and restaurants.

These are just but a few must go places in Canada. They all offer tourists a chance to experience the beauty and history of people who live in Canada. Visitors who don’t know their way around can buy national express bookings ticket and travel all over Canada to experience the Canadians culture.

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