Canada’s Best Museums

by admin on September 4, 2013


While Canada’s new background and insufficient acknowledged existence on the international art scene makes it hard for the upcoming nation to get featured on the lists such as the Trip Advisor’s current ‘Top Art Museums’, Canada is still an excellent place for tourists looking for exciting, distinctive, and contemporary pieces of human work relative to art and displays.

Museum Interior

Listed here is just a couple of the truly amazing Canadian museums:

1. The Museum of Anthropology (University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC)

  • Spectacular designs of architecture and a very unique setting on the cliffs.
  • World-renowned for collections, teaching, research, public programs and the connections in the community.
  • A very special authentic look at the Native art in the whole world.
  • The structure of the museum resembles a conventional longhouse and houses an amazing assortment of totems and Northwest Native art.

2. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Over $55 million worth of investment on the museum.
  • Dinosaurs, Roman artifacts and statutes and the middle Eastern mosaics
  • Originally consisted of five separate museums, the Royal Ontario Museums of Paleontology, Zoology, Mineralogy and the Geology.
  • Enough information for the extensive research activities.
  • The investment included a new curatorial center, library and many other facilities.

3. The Royal BC museum

  • Different dioramas of coastal eco-systems.
  • A warm visit to the historical frontier main street.
  • First nation’s culture, artifacts and totems.
  • The Titanic display and the Egypt mysteries.

4. The Musée des Beaux-Arts

  • This was the first museum in Canada.
  • The first dedication was exclusive to arts and is still up to date the finest art library.
  • World’s most respected art gallery, revered for its type of scholarship, ability to engage all aged audience and higher levels of artistic knowledge.
  • Light filled structure of a museum that is made of glass and granite, where visitors find a pleasant garden courtyard, glass made pool bottom and an innovated 19 century chapel.
  • There is a huge range of pieces of art in the museum including Middle Ages work and the other 20the century second half work.
  • About 36,000 works of Art, 125,000 images within the Museum of contemporary photography.

5. The Museum of Archaeology and History (Montreal, Quebec)

  • History is offered in a strikingly advanced structure at the spot of Europeans first settlement.
  • A large collection of pottery shards, glass jars, tools and pipes belonging to the first settlers.
  • Contributes to research and helps the preservation of archaeological remains and supports the collection development.
  • Supports the development of cultural and many other educational activities for the young generation.

6. Canadian Museum of Civilization (Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Stunning museum designed by a Native Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal.
  • A comprehensive Canadian history that is far from any other Canadian museum.
  • Distinct spaces that are reserved for exhibition marking the very first nation’s history including Vikings, Whalers and different other settlers.
  • Offers the Children’s Museum, IMAX theatre and Postal museum

7. The Musée de la Civilization (Quebec City)

  • Opened in 1988, with a stunning unique and spectacular designed setting.
  • Contains five permanent and six other temporary exhibits, with Viking exhibitions
  • Active and spectacular exhibition themes with scenography as an important aspect.
  • Interactive contemporary technologies and multimedia projections contributing to dynamism and understandability of subjects.


Canada will forever be a home for some rich history you hardly may find in any other region. Feel free to ask more about the Canadian history to know more lying on the ground. Do not forget to contact your trip adviser before leaving the country, and make sure you make the most out of your travel to Canada.

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