Enjoy The Canadian Rockies From A Helicopter!

by admin on September 19, 2013

Envision yourself soaring past a rushing waterfall, so close you can almost feel the brisk splash of water on your face. Now imagine weaving in and out of snow-capped peaks, high above the verdant ground below. And finally picture yourself taking a death-defying dip down into that picturesque valley. These are the Canadian Rockies, renown for their splendid scenic vistas. For most people, the idea of seeing this World Heritage site up close and personal is just a far-off fantasy. For those who take a helicopter tour of this sensational region, however, it is a breathtaking experience and a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Above it All
From a vantage point high above, the scenic vistas of the Canadian Rockies are truly a wonder to behold. Numerous companies offer a variety of different helicopter tours, which can be as brief as 12 exhilarating minutes or an entire awe-filled hour, depending on the route chosen.

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Passengers can choose to enjoy the thrill of circling towering Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at just under 13,000 feet, or other unparalleled opportunities for exploration, including the magnificent Bow Valley to Mt. Assinboine, celebrated as the “Matterhorn of the Rockies.” Additional tours take passengers along the boundary between British Columbia and Alberta, the impressive Continental Divide; as well as over the Rockies’ most enormous body of ice spanning 125 square miles, the ancient Columbia Icefields. From mountain passes to aquamarine lakes to massive glaciers, an aerial panorama of the Canadian Rockies offers a non-stop feast for the senses.

Rich History
A helicopter tour of the Canadian Rockies doesn’t just offer a beautiful view, however. It also offers a unique educational opportunity to learn more about the rich history of this region. Passengers can learn about the fascinating culture of the First Nations People, who have inhabited the Rockies for thousands of years, as well as about Canada’s “forgotten” internment facilities, which were operated here during both the first and second World Wars.

Helicopter tours can also provide an aerial view of Mt. Allen’s Olympic Park, home to the 1988 Olympics. These experiences demonstrate that the Canadian Rockies aren’t just a natural wonder, but also an important part of the world’s past.

Romance With a View
While touring the Canadian Rockies by helicopter is an activity often enjoyed by thrill-chasers, it is also the lofty domain of lovers. Many tour companies offer private excursions for two, which can include romantic features, such as sparkling wine, gourmet desserts and a picnic lunch. This is a unique way to pop the question or celebrate a significant anniversary, but it’s also an amazing way to create an entirely new and original special occasion of your own.

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With heliports located in and around both Banff and Calgary, the heart of the Canadian Rockies is mere minutes away, although it may feel like an entirely different world. Visitors who have experienced a helicopter tour of the Canadian Rockies report back that a helicopter tour is a “must do” on any visit to this stunning part of the world–giving an entirely new meaning to the word “highlight.”

Joanna K. Hughes is a writer and traveler, who is looking forward to a trip to the Canadian Rockies some day, but for now is resigned to the comfort of her office furniture.


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