Five of Canada’s Strangest Attractions

by admin on January 30, 2013


Canada has plenty of important, fun, weird, exciting and many other kinds of places that may be visited on vacation or even if you live in the area. Of the many I was able to find, I came across five that seemed truly unique and worth of being called one of Canada’s strangest attractions.

1) Race Giant Pumpkins in Windsor

Racing giant pumpkins in Windsor







It may be strange to some, but in Windsor, using a giant pumpkin as a boat is a yearly past time. Every fall in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley there is a race. It is not a normal race, unless you feel racers paddling in giant pumpkins is normal. Before the annual Pumpkin Parade and Regatta that happens on the second Sunday in October, there is a Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off. It has been said that some of the Personal Vegetable Crafts or PVCs can weigh as much as 800 pounds.

2) Vulcan, Alberta – aka The Trekkie Town

Vulcan, Alberta










It may be true that the Southern Alberta Town of Vulcan was named for the God of Fire, but that is definitely not what made the town popular. When the Star Trek TV series came to the world, so did the popularity of Vulcan, Alberta. Tourists visit every year, and many of them stop to see the mounted 29.5 foot replica of the Starship Enterprise that is close to a Star Trek-themed Visitor Information Office. The best part about this information office is the Star Trek memorabilia, the option to put on a costume for a photo and even play a virtual reality Star Trek game.

3) The Forest with More Than 70,000 Signs, Watson Lake, Yukon

Sign post forest Watson Lake Yukon








Travelers that drive north to the Yukon from British Columbia have to pass through Watson Lake. So what is so interesting about Watson Lake? It is the home of a forest that has close to 72,000 signposts. Starting in 1942, a U.S. Army G.I posted a sign that directed those driving on the new Alaska Highway to his hometown. Soon, it became a tradition and all travelers passing through now add their own to the mix.

4) Dining in the Dark, Montreal and Toronto

Dining in the dark






In two different cities, they offer a new kind of dining. Instead of using lights, you use the dark. The restaurants are called O.NOIR. The slogan for both says that eating without your sight means that your senses are even more sensitive to the smell and the taste of food. It started with a blind pastor who has wanted to share his experience with his guests.

5) Hang over the Edge of Canada’s Tallest Structure, Toronto, Ontario

Hanging over Canada's largest tower








The CN Tower has been named by the Guinness World Records as the ‘Highest External Walk on a Building.’ For half an hour guests can walk around the ledge of the tower on this Extreme Urban Adventure. How high off the ground is this walk? 1,168 feet. After walking around the tower, the guests lean our over the edge, backwards. Woah.


These attractions are definitely part of the “strange” category and bring a very unique option to people looking for something to do.


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