How to get the most out of your visit to Prince Edward Island

by admin on November 8, 2013

Prince Edward Island


Prince Edward Island was home to Anne of Green Gables and is a perfect escape for those that are in need of a relaxing break or for anyone that loves the great outdoors. The island is rich with beautiful landscapes and is the ideal destination to de stress and revitalise. Here are just a few idea of how to get the best out of your trip to Prince Edward Island…


Nature lovers – Prince Edward Island is your version of heaven! There are heaps of animals native to PEI including a huge variety of bird life. Birdwatchers can keep an eye out for Puffins, Snowy Owls and Bald Eagles to name a few. On land you might be lucky enough to spot a Canada Lynx, a Beaver, a Flying Squirrel, White Tailed Deer or a Porcupine. The nature doesn’t stop there! There is also an abundance of sea life from Killer Whales and Harp Seals to Greenland Sharks.


With many different sailing trips on offer, by boat is another way to see the coastline (plus you are likely to see some of the marine life). With its reddish white sand beaches and abundant sea life, sailing trips are very popular as are Kayaking tours. If you feel the need for an adrenaline rush there are various para sailing opportunities. However, if you prefer to take it easy, you might like a sunset cruise – amazing views, a fresh fish dinner and you might even see a whale.


Prince Edward Island is a hikers dream, there are plenty of walking opportunities; from stunning costal walks where you can pass several quaint lighthouses, to wetlands and woodlands there is certainly no shortage of options. The Confederation Trail takes you from the top of the island to the tip of the island. It’s a well-planned path so suitable for the whole family.


Cycling is also a popular past time on the island and it enables you to see much more interesting variations of the landscape. Bikes are available to rent for the day, this gives you the option to explore freely. An alternative option is to join a bike tour. For those less adventurous a one day tour will be sufficient, however there are opportunities to join a cycling tour that spans over several days. With an experienced guide you get to see all the best bits without having to rely on maps or sat nav while having the opportunity to camp along the way.


After all the outdoors activity it’s likely you will need a good feed to keep up your energy levels. Luckily there is wide of choice of restaurants and eateries on the island. Serving an extensive range of sea food there is lots to try, generally speaking the cuisine is very good and extremely fresh.


If you want to explore further afield you can catch the ferry over to Nova Scotia, which is a much larger island offering diving, skiing, zip lining, surfing and rafting.

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