Must-See Canadian Destinations

by admin on May 6, 2013

Canada’s a huge country and seeing everything would take multiple lifetimes. However, if you’re into checking out destinations off the beaten path, there are a few must-see places and events to add to your bucket list. For example, a train ride through the Rocky Mountains gives you a glimpse of the region that few people see. Who says planes are the only way to travel?

Dinosaur Provincial Park
For the Archaeology Buff
The next time you’re planning a vacation in Canada, discover things with a different lens. Dinosaur Provincial Park is a must for history buffs and kids of all ages. This section of Alberta used to be dinosaur country, and over 300 unique skeletons have been discovered since the 19th century.


For the Outdoor Enthusiast
Calgary’s Olympic Park is more than just a mecca for world-class athletes. You can try your own hand at the luge and see just what it’s like for the gold medalists. Vancouver Island has become famous for storm-watching and this is definitely a destination for your good camera. Unbelievable winds and crashing waves are par for the course here.
If you’d rather take in the beauty from a more comfortable seat, the helijet between Vancouver and Victoria gives you a serious bird’s eye view. You’ll feel like you’ve just struck it rich, and it’s still another excuse to bring your binoculars and professional camera. It might be a regular commute to some, but the views are undeniably breathtaking.

For a More Relaxed Vacation
The Fairmont Empress Hotel serves formal tea in the afternoons accompanied by clotted cream scones. It’s been a tradition for over 100 years, and a much-deserved touch of royalty for any vacationer. British Columbia also boasts amazing hot springs year-round, and it’s a special treat when the rest of the area is blanketed in snow. However, a tour of the oil sands by Fort McMurray is another favorite way to spend the afternoon.
Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park provides a unique opportunity to tour ancient pictograph rock art. If you’re a gastro enthusiast, a sampling of halopchies or perogies at Vegreville might be in order. These Polish treats might sound unusual, but you’ll quickly become addicted; after all, dough filled with cream can’t lead you astray.

Family-Friendly Entertainment
If you want to plan a vacation that the entire family adores, it’s time to dig a little deeper. The Calgary Stampede is a beloved local favorite that blends rodeos with street parties. BC’s mountains are the perfect place to try your hand at heli-skiing or heli-boarding. Family-centric and culinary trips can be packaged together so you can design the ultimate getaway.

Whether your tastes are governed by your palate or sense of adventure, there’s no shortage of things to do in Canada. Why not make the most of your next trip and go where the locals recommend? From sightseeing to sampling some seriously unique cuisine, Canada has you covered. The only thing you have to decide is what to do first.

Adrienne is a travel blogger who has a number of Canadian destinations on her bucket list. Follow her on Twitter to read more of her work: @adrienneerin

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