Oh Canada! Objects in the Rearview Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.

by admin on February 25, 2013

Taking in the Canadian sights by car is one of the best ways to maximize your time and the amazing cities you can see. With a country as large and diverse as Canada, travelling to one destination limits much of the experience. A much better way to holiday is to book a reservation through a car hire agency for a vehicle which suits the size of your family and map out a travel itinerary. The choices are infinite, but here is one route that would work for an average family for a week long holiday.
Quebec City
Start by booking a car hire in Quebec City, Quebec. There are plenty of hotels in Quebec City but if you have a car, staying just outside the city walls will afford you a better value and it is just a quick 15-20 minute drive in to see the sights. Check out the local tourism sites, as different properties run specials throughout the year. Two days in Quebec City should be enough to see many of its finer features. Start in the older part of the city with a visit to the beautiful and historic Château Frontenac hotel. Just outside you will street performers, artists and carriage rides. Not far away is another must-see, the Petit Champlain district, with its tiny cobblestone streets, boutique shops, and open-air eateries. Walking through the Petit Champlain makes you feel as though you have stepped back in time. If museums are your thing, the Musée de la Civilisation is not to be missed with both permanent and rotating exhibitions of traditional and modern culture. The next day, whether religious or not, the beautiful architecture of Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral is lovely to see. Then stop by the Citadel which describes the city’s military history and you can also see much of the city’s remaining walled fortifications and an fantastic view from the top of the city. Speaking of, whether you travel by steps or one of the city’s fascinating funiculars, the Promenade des Gouverneurs offers unsurpassed views of the St. Lawrence River.Then, after another restful night, hop into your car hire and drive over Montreal. Hotels are plenty but try to find a hotel in Old Montreal or near a Metro stop. Montreal has an excellent Metro system that is easy to use to get to the major attractions and is a very walkable city. Head over to see the various animals and ecosystems at the Biodome. After learning about how important preserving the environment is, venture onwards to TOHU in the St-Michel district which is the international headquarters for Cirque du Soleil. Tour of the eco-friendly facility and then see what they are performing. The following day, grab breakfast at an on-street café then drive to just outside of Montreal and spend the day at the Cosmodome learning about space and go back to your hotel for a rest before a day of driving.

The next day is a rather long but pretty drive from Montreal to the final destination – Niagara Falls, Ontario. Have dinner then rest up at of the area’s fine Bed and Breakfast’s or any of the plentiful hotel choices. The next day should include a boat ride to visit the falls on the Maid of the Mist. Warning, the ride is WET but fun! Just a quick walk away is the kitschy fun of Clifton Hill which includes attractions, eateries, shops and a giant sky wheel that overlooks the falls. Finish your night off with spectacular views (and acceptable cuisine) at the Skylon Towers revolving dining room. If you are brave, ask for a seat near the windows! After all, the view is what you are coming for! The following day, venture to some of the area’s lesser known sights and visit the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple of Peace. One note, please be mindful that this is a place of worship so you are visitors here not tourists. The beauty and architecture of Temple is lovely and so calm compared to the downtown chaos. Spend the rest of your time at another lovely unexpected surprise, the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. While there do not miss the Butterfly Conservatory where nature’s jewels fly about your head. And finally, end your day and trip with a spectacular dinner featuring local farm-to-table foods and area wines at any of the nearby vineyards such as Vineland Estates Winery, Ravine Vineyard, Hillebrand Estates Winery, or Peller Estates Winery. Happy travelling!

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