The Natural and Man Made Wonder of Niagara Falls

by admin on January 25, 2013

 Niagara Falls

Full of both beauty and power, Niagara Falls has awed visitors since the 1820’s. This natural wonder of the world spans the border of America and Canada offering different experiences for both sides. The American side, with its low-key, and park-like neighborhoods, offers a scaled back almost backseat view of this beautiful site. The Canadian side on the other hand, is filled with a flurry of activity that easily sweeps anyone up in its excitement. Touted as the “World’s Honeymoon Capital”, Niagara Falls attracts millions of visitors year-round.


The Canadian side of the falls offers many great attractions, sometimes in a flashy Las Vegas style, that pump the city full of life both night and day. But beyond the tourist-filled streets lies a peaceful and beautiful landscape full of lush green grass, colorful flowers, and peaceful vineyards. It takes just a short journey down the Niagara Parkway to leave behind the energy of the falls and enter into the meandering landscape dotted with neighborhoods and parks.


For those wanting a bit of adventure, Niagara Falls has activities that get your heart pumping, leave you feeling the mist of the falls on your face, and find you looking through partially covered eyes at the oddities housed in the wax museums. Tourists can put on a rain poncho to venture up to the edge of the bottom of the falls while riding the Maid of the Mist which made its maiden trip in 1846. From the time it was a coal powered boat, the Maid of the Mist has been a tourist destination for travelers from all over the world.


Niagara Falls is actually made up of three separate falls: the American Falls, the smaller Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the border. All form the massive U-shape that empties its waters into the Niagara gorge. Tourists can feel the power of the falls by riding the Maid of the Mist, go on foot to the Table Rock House, or take the evening “Journey Behind the Falls” tour of the tunnels to see the falls illuminated from behind. For those wishing to view the awe-inspiring sights from a drier location, the Skylon Tower offers a bird’s eye view of the falls. Another scenic option is a visit to the Queen Victoria Park- a quiet, flower-filled walking garden that has many viewing spots along its paths.


For those wishing to take a guided tour, there are many to choose from which include admittance to the above-mentioned attractions with tour guides sharing rich historical facts about Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas. Bus tours are also available to take you throughout the city. Restaurants and hotels offer balconies and decks with glorious views of the falls, and are plentiful in the area. Located just 40 minutes from the Buffalo, NY airport, travel to Niagara Falls is convenient, and your stay there is sure to be full of fun and relaxation. Whether you come to Niagara Falls, Canada wishing to feel the heart-pounding thunder of the falls up close or are searching for a quieter walk through colorful botanical gardens and lush parks, the area offers something exciting and special for everyone.




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Joseph Lombardo is a Hammonton, NJ personal injury attorney and travel enthusiast.  He recently traveled to Niagara Falls on a business trip and fell in love with the Canadian side of the Falls.


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