The Top 5 Things to Do in Ottawa When You Visit There

by admin on July 5, 2013


Ottawa is Canada’s capital, so therefore you can see that it is in full bloom of popular destinations, events, and activities. As a tourist, you always want to experience the best of the place when you are in Ottawa. There are top 5 things to do in Ottawa that you can want to experience also.

  1. Festivals are a part of top 5 things to do in Ottawa that you will surely enjoy. This is a year round festival that will start on Winterlude. It is a big winter celebration that is held on the 3 weekend of February. And on March, you can have a celebration to the Irish communities because they are celebrating the Irish Week. And the next is the Maple Festival. This is a celebration during March and April for the abundant harvest of maple syrup. The Tulip Festival that runs for about three weeks because it is Canada’s favorite flower. And the reason behind it is when he royal Dutch Family had taken refuge in Canada during the World War II, the queen had labored and born Princess Margriet in hospital. So as for the royal family that they had finally returned home, they had send thousands of number of tulip bulbs as a sign of gesture of appreciation, respect, and friendship.
  2. Another ­ top 5 things to do in Ottawa is visiting the nightlife areas, restaurants, and entertainments. The ByWard Market is considered to be the oldest neighborhood that serves for over a hundred different kinds of drinks and foods. You can always choose if you want to have a fine dining, cosy bistro, good diner, or even you can have the most romantic café spent with your loved ones. And you can find all of this in one place. So you will not have any problems of choosing what is not right is for you because it is only the available.
  3. Top 5 things to do in Ottawa are also going to the Center of the National Arts. They offer French and English performances on theaters. There is also an outdoor theatrical performance which is located near the Rideau River. If the tourist loves this kind of event, then it will surely make him/her satisfied that he/she visited Ottawa.
  4. You can also check out those changing of the guards at the Parliament Hill. This is one of the most top 5 things to do in Ottawa because of the famous guard switching. These guards are not bound to have any communication. When they are on their post, they are like statues of guards that do not have a life. But of course, they are alive. Another one is the marching of the police. Like the guards, they are uniformed and synchronized like they are batteries operated. Seeing this site, will make you take pictures with them.
  5. And lastly, the lights and sound show which depicts Mosaika. This is a story of Canada which is presented by music and lightning effects. You can always get the first seat here for free and just bring a chair and blanket or your comfort.

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