Things to Do in Canada – Vancouver and Churchill

by admin on June 15, 2013

Churchill is the polar capital of the world

When you say about Canada, there are a lot of things that you wanted to see, taste, and experience. This is a different part of life that you wanted to do. If you are a tourist, there are things to do in Canada that you should never leave if it is not yet completed. Most of the things to do in Canada can contribute to relaxation and unwinding those minds that had been battered by the work. There are best cities in Canada that you always visit and enjoy while you stay.

Best Things to Do in Vancouver, Canada

One of the top cities of Canada is Vancouver. Although it is small, there are great things in here that you do.  Skiing in Grouse Mountain is one of the most popular things to do in Canada. It is because that that mountain has the uppermost peak in the city. In Vancouver, they also offer different varieties of snow-related sports and activities like ice skating, snowshoeing, and helitours. The Vancouver also preserves shed for the animal species that are now endangered like grizzly bears and the grey wolves. If you don’t know how to ski, you can still visit here because there is ski school on the site with full-packed skilled ski trainers.

Best Thing to Do in Churchill, Canada

Did you know that Canada has been name as the Polar Bear Capital around the world? Well, this is because of those cute and cuddly polar bears are seen in the small town of Manitoba.  There are large herd of polar bears that comes towards the shore during autumn. The subarctic weather condition of cold long winter and similarly short summers have been favorable for the polar bears. During between the month of October and the half of November, when the Hudson Bay freezes, it is the time for the hunting season of seal as their main foods for hundreds of dozens of polar bears. You can actually see this magnificent view from a distant place and riding improvised buses termed as tundra buggies.

Because of the unique season here, Churchill had also a tourist spot that for bird enthusiast, they can see almost 400 different kinds of birds that flocks the town on the month of May up to August. Birds like stilt sandpiper, tundra swan, snowy owl, and the American golden plover. Beluga whale had been also a tourist attraction in this town; during on the month of July and August, the beluga whales will navigate the river of Churchill. This kind of whales are subarctic and arctic species which you can hear the sound of high-pitched cheeps. It is so fun when listening to the beluga whales.

One of the most famous sightseeing that you should not forget on list of things to do in Canada is gazing at northern lights which scientifically called as Aurora Borealis. This kind of light will illuminate the night sky during on the last days on the month of August and from December to April. The natural phenomenon is one of a kind so therefore, you should not forget to visit and watch the natural lights at the night sky.

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