Top 10 Hotels in Canada to Visit

by admin on June 24, 2013

Shangri La Hotel Vancouver Canada

When visiting one place to another, you need to also have a relaxation place where you can rest your tired feet and body. On addition, visiting Canada is a very tiresome tour because there are numerous places that you can actually visit. There are best hotels that you can check in after the long day of visiting tourist’s spots.

Top 10 Hotels in Canada

  1. Rated as a five star hotel, Shangri-La in Vancouver Canada can give you the best and have a classic luxurious taste of living in the hotel. There are 119 guestrooms and ranges the size of 450 square feet to 1,395 square feet. The half of it is a balcony that overlooks the rest of the downtown Vancouver. They have a technology that is state-of-the-art. And services like lobby lounge and spas.
  2. When you are in Victoria, you can check in this hotel called the Fairmont Empress. This is a grand style that jives on the Victoria’s century style. The services and facilities can give what a traveler needed. There are also a world class cuisines and cultural exhibits in this chateau-style resort and hotel. They will offer you a breath out of from the modern world.
  3. The largest hotel that located in Montreal is the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. Being in the Top 10 hotels in Canada, it has amenities that are high tech. from the freezing outside; travelling can feel the warm as they enter this hotel. Lights are lit up automatically if there are guest who enters a dark room. So it does not need in switching on and off of the lights.
  4. Being in Toronto, you can check in in this hotel named Windsor Arms. It is a bygone era hotel so therefore you can have beautiful sightseeing’s of grandiose designer’s boutiques and the likes.
  5. Another one of the top 10 hotels in Canada is the Post Hotel in Lake Louis. You can enjoy the Banff National Park because it is only near from it. They also offer a great wine and market cuisines that you can totally enjoy.
  6. Vancouver’s Top 10 hotels in Canada are also the Pan Pacific Vancouver. It is designed to be on the center of each scenic place. So therefore, if you check in here, you can always have a free access on every place.
  7. The Place d’Armes Hotel in Montreal has been also to be a part of Top 10 hotels in Canada. This hotel has sophisticated boutiques where you can have those up to date dresses and garments.
  8. Wedgewood Hotel has an abundant flower with original works and fine antiques that makes it prominent among other hotels.
  9. The Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver can have some opportunity that the travelers can connect to the nature. Relaxing on saunas and massage treatments is one of their famous services.
  10. If you want to embrace the city life of blue skies, open spaces, and those stunning cityscape, then The Fairmont Winnipeg Hotel is right for you.

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