Top 10 Outdoor Sites in Canada You Should Not Miss

by admin on June 18, 2013

Canada had been on the most tourist destinations of people all year round. It is because there are a lot of events that they can get. And if you want to have relaxing holiday summer or adventurous winter holiday then, these top 10 outdoor sites in Canada will give you more than what you asked for.


  1. Toronto is the home of the Sky Tower. Having a meal at the top of the Sky Tower that is revolving is one of a kind. You can see the full view of Toronto while seeping champagne with you family or your closest friends. So this is a great outdoor site in Canada. It is also a popular destination of holidays for families and tourists that stays to be self-catered accommodation. This place is a diverse city that which all nationalities and cultures mix. With this, the food in Toronto had been also affected because of the different types and ways of food preparations. It is here that you can see those mixes of ethnicity.
  2. Another top 10 outdoor sites in Canada is Alberta. It is a part of oldest cities in Canada with 3.2 million of people as its population. Skiing, sopping, and hiking is its tourist attraction. For the tourist who enjoys histories of localities, then Alberta is the one for them.
  3.  Polar bears in Churchill had been famous for those who want to see those cuddly bears. You will need to ride on a bus makeshift so that you can see as close as you can get with the bears. This is because those polar bears are very dangerous and the tour guide makes sure that all of you are well protected inside the bus.
  4. Bird Watch during the month of May and August is for the animal lovers. This bird flock can reach almost up to 400 different species. Beluga whales also make a popular site because they traverse on the river the Churchill.
  5. The Aurora Borealis or lights in the night sky may be one of the best top 10 outdoor sites in Canada. This kind of light that emits from the sky had lure may tourist to see in their eye the magnificent and beautiful color lights in the night sky.
  6. When you are in Ottawa, you have the site of the famous switching of the guards on the Parliament Hill; also the royal Canadian mounted police march is also famous on this site. The countless museums helped the tourist and visitors gain knowledge about the rich history of Canada. During winter, the Rideau Canal is the longest ice skating rink.
  7. Reaching in Vancouver, you can be sure that the aquarium is in the top 10 outdoor sites in Canada. This giant aquarium can give you an experience of night life through the aquatic animals. This is an activity that is prepared for tourist and when it is over, you can simply sleep comfortably beside of the giant aquarium.
  8. The Ottawa jail hostel is right for you if you want to have a unique experience to be sleeping in jail. It was created long time ago as a prison. And now, it is operated as an accommodation for tourist and visitors.
  9. Peggy’s cove is the most famed lighthouse of Canada. Located in the southwest of the Halifax that has a red and white traditional color to uplift the historical feeling. If you will be here, you can have a full view of the ocean because it rests on top of village’s rocky shores.
  10. The last and most famous site in Canada is the Niagara Falls. Some people had gone daredevils to cross over the Niagara Falls but none of them was successful. You can view it from Skylon Tower with the dramatization of its history. 

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