Top 10 Tourist Sites in Canada You Should Visit

by admin on June 27, 2013

The CN Tower

For people who like to travel always, then Canada is one of the best places that they should put on the list of their tour destinations. Canada is a homeland of architectures and modern arts, so this is a way that Canada can attract tourists. And through different kinds of distinct tourist attractions, you can never have a whole week to complete those attractions. But these top 10 tourist sites in Canada will have your money and time is on the best place.

Top 10 Tourist Sites in Canada

  1. The CN tower is the first thing that you want to visit when you entered Canada. This is like a key point of your stay in Canada. Located in Toronto, you can have a fine dine in the revolving restaurants which a situated atop of the CN Tower. The elevator that will send you up and down is in full glass. This is because that you can still view the whole part of Toronto while going up.
  2. Rocky Mountains are deliberated to be a representation of Canada. You cannot compare it to other mountains outside Canada because of it aesthetic beauty that is very unique. Visiting this place, you need to aboard on train that will have a roundtrip from Vancouver, Toronto, and those other magnificent cities.
  3. The Banff National Park and Lake Louise may also be called to be top 10 tourist sites in Canada. If you want to have fun while staying in Canada.
  4. Stanley Park located on Vancouver and considered to be the largest park. In this park, you can see people who are walking, seawall rollerblading, and bicycling. For you as a tourist, you can have a thrilling fun with the enjoyment of the services offered in the Stanley Park. These are tennis courts, putting course, Swimming pools, Children’s Farmyard to name a few.
  5. The whistler Blackcomb is on the top 10 tourist sites in Canada, when talking about ski resorts and snowboarding. So this means that it had been given the name of largest ski resort and snowboarding. Extending from 8 thousand acres, you can be at the best hospitability of the services of hotels with the distinct foods and wine they had.
  6. Churchill’s top 10 tourist sites in Canada are the site of polar bears. This place has dozens of polar bears that you can actually see through a bus that came from the tour services.
  7. You can also check the bird watch that you will see almost 400 different kinds of species of birds that make the Churchill as a stopover for migration.
  8. Changing of the guards and the royal Canadian mounted police is also regarded as top 10 tourist sites in Canada.
  9. The giant aquarium where you can actually take a closer attachments to the marine life. It has programs that are conducted for tourists and then you can stay overnight into the room that has big aquarium to perfectly feel the marine life.
  10. Aurora Borealis is also a part of top tourists sites because of its natural phenomenon of magnificent lights in the sky when the night falls.

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