Top Boating Destinations in Canada

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Top Boating Destinations in Canada

Summer is just around the corner and it is the time to stash your formal wear in the closet and head for the rivers, lakes and beaches. If you love water activities, then Canada is a veritable paradise with its picturesque rivers, lakes and coastlines that offer unlimited opportunities for swimming, fishing, rafting, kayaking and boating. Here are some of the top boating destinations in the country:

    • Lake of Woods Region, Ontario: Known as Canada’s best kept secret, the Lake of Woods Region is endowed with breathtaking natural beauty. With an abundance of beaches, anchorage locations and fishing spots, it offers some of the best sailing experiences for the whole family. Whether cruising majestically in a power yacht or leisurely in a houseboat, you will simply feel like you are cruising through a piece of paradise.


    • Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: If you like swimming, fishing and exploring the hundreds of pristine islands, then Cape Breton is the perfect boating destination for you. The Cape Breton Highlands that tower above the sea, the picturesque Cabot Trail that runs along the northeastern coastline and the enchantingly beautiful Bras d’Or Lakes combine to give a magical ambience to the entire area. No wonder Cape Breton is called the masterpiece of Nova Scotia.


    • Bas St. Laurent, Quebec: Breathtaking natural scenery, gently rolling waters of St. Lawrence River and graceful lighthouses standing on beautiful islands combine to make Bas St. Laurent an exceptional area for boating. Perfect for boating and kayaking, you can also go on discovery cruises to experience the beauty of the islands. If you love wildlife, then the islands offer you plenty of opportunities to watch them in their natural habitat.


    • Coal Harbor Marina, British Columbia: If you don’t want to stray too far from the comfort of urban life, then Coal Harbor Marina is the perfect boating destination for you because it is situated between downtown Vancouver and the world famous Stanley Park. But it’s not only the city’s skyline you will get to see, the panorama of mountains surrounding the city provides a magnificent backdrop to the spectacular harbor.


    • Lakeland Area, Alberta: With more than 250 spectacular lakes, white sandy beaches and provincial parks that provide ample opportunities for boating and fishing, the Lakeland area in northeastern Alberta is a favorite destination for nature lovers. If you want to go far away from civilization for a while and spend halcyon days boating, fishing and watching wildlife, then it is the perfect place for you.


  • The Muskoka Lakes, Ontario: Surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, the tranquil and pristine lakes of Muskoka in Ontario offer some of the most visually stunning and mentally soothing boating experiences. As your boat glides gracefully on the surface of the sparkling rivers and lakes, you will find yourself mesmerized by the roaring waterfalls, towering pine forests and the amazing flora and fauna.

The above are just a few of the many wondrous boating destinations in Canada; there are many others that are equally captivating. But before you jump on your boat and steer it away from the shore, make sure that you have obtained the requisite boating license from BOATsmart! Canada. Failure to do so may result in a hefty fine and embarrassment.

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