Top Eight Toronto Places to See by the Tourist

by admin on July 10, 2013


There are a lot of beautiful places that you can see in Toronto Canada. And as for the tourist and visitors, they will never regret when they made a walk in the streets of Toronto. And these eight beautiful places can be regarded as the most Toronto places to see by the tourist.

  1. The first thing that you can actually see is the Canadian National Tower. Soaring at the height of 1,815 feet that had also been nominated as a wonder in the modern world. And up to now, this free standing tower is regarded as the tallest structure in the world. The glass-floored deck where you can observe the site seeing, a restaurant that is revolving, and the Simulator Theater are one of its components. The Niagara Falls and New York State can be seen from the tower if it is on clear day. And there are almost a million that visit within a year.
  2. Next is the Eaton Center that is a galleria mall with a feature of at least 320 restaurants and shops and have 17 cinemas. There are also 400 rooms of the Marriot Hotel which is located at the center of the downtown Toronto. This place had attracted up to a millions tourists with a week only.
  3. One of the Toronto places to see is the Yorkville Area or also known as The Bloor. This is the most elite district around Toronto. This high class place has exclusive hotels and it is regarded as Hollywood North because of the movies that are created in Yorkville Area. You can also check out those high-end designs, art galleries, eclectic boutiques, china and fine crystal shops, and the world-class restaurants.
  4. The folkloric and one of a kind shopping area are also seen in Toronto. This is one part of Toronto places to see if the tourists want to go shopping and then dine with the different experience that they would feel.
  5. One of the largest entertaining waterfronts of North America is the Harbourfront in Toronto. It has a scenic background like the CN Tower, Ontario Place, Air Canada Center to name a few. It is also a pace where major events in Toronto are held like Winter City, Scotiabank’s Nuit Balance, and Caribana Festival. This event also attracts visitors and tourists.
  6. The Toronto zoo is regarded as the 3rd largest zoo in the world. With an estimated 710 acres, you can see almost 5000 animals that separated by some geographic regions. During winter, cross-country skiing are opened from walking trails.
  7. The saint Lawrence Market is also one of the most Toronto places to see for that tourist who wants to have wine and food experience of Toronto. There are 50 pleasure-loving food vendors ad have a dozen of lunch counters that spreads in the market.
  8. Royal Ontario Museum is observed as the largest museum. It is in the list of top ten magnificent museums around the world. For the tourists that want to have Toronto places to see its history and vast collections of Chinese artifacts, then this is the placed they want to visit.

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