Toronto: Seven Reasons Why Tourists are Making Their Trip Permanent

by admin on November 7, 2013

Toronto Canada

Every year more than 35 million people visit Canada, and Toronto is one of the most popular destinations. But more and more tourists are extending their stay and moving to the area. Here’s why:

1) Culture

Toronto is the largest, most happening city in Canada and one of the most diverse cities in the world.

The population of Toronto is just over 2.5 million but whether moving from a larger or smaller city you’ll find it packs an awful lot into its compact cityscape. It has over 350 parks, more than 50 ballet and dance companies, over a dozen islands, six opera companies, six universities, three rivers, two symphony orchestras, many theatres and a raft of professional sports teams.

The Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Toronto and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra are all world-renowned. The city’s performing arts scene is the third largest centre for English speaking theatre in the world and incubated international comedy stars like Jim Carrey and John Candy.

Canadian Music Fest, the country’s largest music festival, takes place in Toronto in March and features over 1,000 artists.

2) Language

Since English is spoken predominantly in Canada, English speakers moving to the shores of lake Ontario should have no trouble adapting.

3) Climate

Many people unfamiliar with Canada may assume Toronto is a cold remote place, but this couldn’t be more off the mark.

In fact, far from being cold, Toronto actually has a more southerly latitude than London and enjoys much more sunshine and warmer summers.

Though there can be severe cold snaps in winter with temperatures falling below −10 °C for days in a row this is ideal for winter sport lovers.

4) Free healthcare

Canada also has a publicly funded healthcare system that’s free at the point of service. Those who work in healthcare in Toronto are regarded worldwide.

5) Food

The restaurants and eating scene in Toronto is considered to be amongst the best in the world. In fact you will find Canada’s best restaurant in Toronto (according to an annual survey conducted by EnRoute magazine).

Because Toronto is such a melting pot of culture, you can see this in its wide array of culinary offerings and whether you want haute cuisine or Iranian street food, it is the place for you.

6) Employment

Canada was also one of the only countries to avoid too much damage in the credit crunch.

As a major financial centre of the American northwest, Toronto has plenty of employment opportunities in the financial services sector (and service sectors as a whole).

7) Education

The education in Toronto is world class with five universities including the University of Toronto and York University, respectively Canada’s largest and third-largest.

There are over 100 publicly funded secondary schools and many more publicly funded middle and elementary schools under the jurisdiction of both English and French speaking school boards. An increasing number of public schools offer specialised programmes in the arts, sciences or sport, some teaching in French and some offering internationally recognised IB qualifications.

Students are guaranteed a place at their local public school but can also apply to attend a school offering one of these specialist programmes.


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