What Are The Unique Features Of Canadian Culture?

by admin on December 13, 2013

Many people in the world and even in the Canada think that Canadians are imitators. They imitate everything from United States. They imitate us sitcoms, us wrestling and food outlets. It is believed to be the nation in search of identity. The government is trying hard to reduce the American cultural impact on the country but it is not giving the required results. Well this is the view of some people. If you study and look deep into Canadian society then you will discover that Canada has its own culture that is unique in many ways. It has numerous cultural institutions, a talented music industry, a diverse publishing industry and distinctive food and drinks. I am going to tell you some features of Canadian culture.

Canadian Culture

Language in Canada:
Canada is the bilingual country. The French and English are widely spoken languages in the Canada. The intensity of the languages varies from region to region. In many provinces the native French speakers are in abundance. While the provinces like Ontario has English as their official language. However you will still find the English-French bilingualism Ontario as well. For the people living outside the Quebec and New Brunswick this bilingualism is less important.

The important national symbols of Canada:

The Canada has three important symbols showing the uniqueness of its culture. These are

  • The hockey; it is the national sports of the Canadian people. The hockey gained the symbolism effect when the Canadian team has won the hockey competing in a dramatic way from the Russian team in 1970’s. Hockey is also the symbol of unity and national sense of community.
  • The beaver; is the rat like character which you will see on many Canadian souvenirs. It has a flat tail and comical mouth. It is the symbol of humbleness and diligence that are core cultural values of Canadians self-identification.

The ethnic relations in Canada:
The ethnic relation in Canada are based on bilingualism ant they are not so friendly. The tension between French-Canada and English-Canada is a disturbing point in the country. However the tension is now decreasing due the mix of many people from all over the world. The Canada has open many immigration facilities to promote the growth of the country.

The Canadian people are mostly more loyal to their respective provinces than their country. There exist many differences in different regions of the country. The Atlantic Provinces are considered as old fashioned and the people here are more provincial. The people of western Canada are friendly. The Ontario is a business hub so people here are conservative and materialistic. You will find people extremely independent in the Quebec. The people of British Columbia are less conventional. These are the major differences in the regions of Canada.

Canadian customs and etiquettes:

The Canadian has different customs and etiquettes.

  • The general meeting and greeting starts with a handshake.
  • Direct eye contact and smile is there to meet anyone
  • They gift each other on birthdays and Christmas
  • They love wine and it is the best gift which one can give to each other.
  • The dining etiquette is informal. You can refuse to eat something you don’t like.
  • The communication style followed by Canadian is mostly polite, informal and easy going.

Art in Canada:
The Canada has some of the renowned artists in the world. They are known for the paintings, drawings, collages and gallery shows. The portrait making and bronze sculpture making is very common in the Canada. The people love prints to canvas, paintings and sculptures. The photos to canvas cheap as a simple art are also becoming popular in the Canada.

These are the features which make Canada a unique country.

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