While the global travel industry has boomed in recent years, recent statistics have suggested that visits to Canada have dropped by 20% since the turn of the century. So despite the nation’s rich cultural heritage, diversity of terrain and breath-taking natural beauty, it appears as though the government have failed to recognise the potential of […]

Popular Museums of Canada

by admin on December 5, 2013

Located on the northern part of the Northern American continent, Canada is a beautiful country that extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Actic Ocean, making its motto true from sea to sea. It is world’s second largest country by total area of 9,984,670 square kilometers. Canada is a well developed […]

You rarely find a country that has as much variety and natural beauty as Canada, from the hottest fresh water springs to the rare temperate rain forests, we have no shortage of beautiful places for you to visit. Banff, in Alberta, western Canada is an all year round destination known for its skiing, camping, hiking […]

The Canada-U.S. border is the longest international border in the world shared by two nations that have not been at war. Its peaceful presence is a longstanding symbol of the two nations’ determination to keep a peaceful border for travelers to and from each country. Maintaining this requires cooperation from citizens on both sides of […]

In this fast-paced world that we live in, sometimes it’s nice to take a time-out and get away from all things urban. One such place where time comes to a standstill is a garden – which is why it makes for the perfect location to head to when you wish to unwind, breathe in some […]

  Prince Edward Island was home to Anne of Green Gables and is a perfect escape for those that are in need of a relaxing break or for anyone that loves the great outdoors. The island is rich with beautiful landscapes and is the ideal destination to de stress and revitalise. Here are just a […]

    Canada is a beautiful and amazing place to visit and live in. The views and landscapes are astonishing, the people are kind, nice and the entire atmosphere is calm and convenient, whether you live there or on a trip visiting this great country. Yet, there is a limit to the number of parks […]

From the mists of the Niagara falls to the soaring majesty of the Rockies, there’s plenty of truly iconic attractions and destinations within Canada’s huge land mass that draw visitors from all over the world. Here’s our round up of five of the country’s most impressive tourist spots to whet your appetite for a Canadian […]

Top 5 Things to See in Calgary

by admin on October 22, 2013

Calgary is a combination of cowboy homesteads and new age slick all nestled prettily in the arms of the picturesque Rocky Mountains. The city is fresh and new, but with a strong sense of its history that defines its pulse of today. Whether it’s a heart-racing adventure ziplining in Olympic Park, watching cowboys ride fast […]

Canada is the second largest country in the world and has a vast tourism and domestic industry. Canada has four major metropolitan areas that hugely promote tourism. These metropolitan areas are Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. These places are well known for their diverse culture, historic sites and national parks. Canada is believed to receive […]