One of the nice things about being the second-largest country in the world, aside from bragging rights, is the enormous variety of terrain within one’s borders. And while Canada is well-known – and deservedly so – for its picturesque mountain ranges, maple syrup and the sentence suffix “eh,” many are unaware of its beautiful beaches, […]

Its summer time and you might be finding ways to enjoy your vacation. So let’s catch up Canada and find out what we can do there: British Columbia: 1. Tour an airborne firefighter: Coulson Flying Tankers was initially built as bombers for long-range patrols and missions. Now 60,000 pounds of foam are dropped by it […]

Some ski-resorts are renowned worldwide – and canada is certainly host to a number of resorts which attract tourists year after year, no matter how long the flight. Utter the word “Whistler” to any snowboarder or skier and see their smiles grow as they imagine the BIG snow, guaranteed powder and remarkable beauty which big […]

Canada is the northern part of North America. Canada receives maximum number of tourists. Canada has something to offer for each person. Whether you are the adventurous kinds, the quiet and peaceful or the simple die-hard romantic, there will be something that Canada has on the platter for each. To add more one must be […]

The winters in Canada can be a little chilly, but that’s part of the charm of the North American country. The numerous outdoor and snow oriented activities like skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and wildlife spotting are what make for exciting vacations in Canada. From December to March, much of Canada freezes over and experiences cold […]